I moved from the bronx/the city a few months ago and I visited today so I made sure to fill my soul with the things I love about the bx, specially the food :D

6-hour Bronx Tour:

1. The ‘Pump’ - for those who don’t know, this is how we kept cool in the summer. No AC’s, no safe public swimming places…this is as good as it got for us. <3 the pump…

2. My mom and little cousin eating some amazing Emilio’s pizza on Aqueduct Ave and Kingsbridge Rd.

3. 192nd & Aqueduct Ave signs…oh, the memories.

4. The city doesn’t provide much public seating in most areas of the bronx…but the United States Postal Service does. Thanks USPS!

5. Jerome Ave under the 4 train between Kingsbridge and Fordham Rd.

6. Quenepas in a bag.

7. Quenepa in my hand! oh, I’m in heaven!

8. Mister Softee! MISTER **FUCKING** SOFTEE! The best ice cream truck in the world! Thanks Ma!

9. Me pissed off in this ungodly heat.

10. The Kingsbridge Armory which they are turning into an ice skating stadium or some shit. Believe me, that space could be used for things that the community needs. 

And here ends the tour. Get out now! :D

Don’t forget to tip your tour guide!

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    Let’s have the hockey. Something different. The people in the Bronx need to expand their horizons and explore outside of...
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    Ahhh I remember New York summers sponsored by quenepas and mister softee How I miss those summers :( minus the heat....
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  13. iocarejorn said: Ohh, we Jamaicans call it guinep! And it’s my favorite fruit! :)